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OLYMPIA STAR was founded in Gastouni Ilias in 1990, having as a main objective the standardization and marketing of citrus fruit with the logo OLYMPIA STAR. The company aims to provide products of high quality to its customers. Great effort is made to supervise our producers (more than 1000 members), thus aiming at the continuous improvement of our quality.
Our company occupies a model building of 6.000 sqm, which is located on an area of 40.000 sqm, at the junction of Gastouni.
The main products that we export are: oranges, mandarins, lemons, strawberries, potatoes, watermelons, kiwi.

NAVELINA: Beginning in late October, we start the process of ripening NAVELINA oranges in our ripening cellars. This process lasts until the end of December. Then we have natural oranges, which last until the end of February.
NAVEL: On about December 15 to December 20, we start with the Merlin oranges, along with NAVELINA oranges which last until the end of March.
LANE LATE (LANE Mode): Beginning end of March. This late variety, extremely oranges with intense color and flavor. Present in small amounts because it occurred in recent years.
VALENCIA (Valencia): Beginning in mid-April and last until the end of September. Medium fruit, rich taste and perfect aroma.

CLIMENTINAS (CLEMENTINES): Beginning late October alongside Navalines with degreened and last up to the end of December.
NOVA (NOVA): Early January starts harvesting for NOVA mandarins. Perfect shape and proportion, rich in juice and flavor, lasting until February 20 approximately.
ORTANIQUE (ORTANIK) starts cutting in mid-April and lasts until May. Suitable for long-haul and storage because of their hard shell.

Small productions from early October to late March.
The package we are mainly diseira or monoseira charokivotia and bulk depending on the customer and his preference.
All standardization-packaging process takes place in new plants with new machinery of the latest technology.

Beginning with early production around mid-May, with watermelons greenhouse and continuing with outdoor watermelons until the end of August. T watermelons washed, kalimprazontai and then packed in BINS (BINS) 200 Kg - 400 Kg or cartons 20 Kg.

Outdoors, rich in flavor and ingredients from early May to July. Packed in bags of 15 - 20 - 25 - 30 - 35 - 40 - 50 Kg.

Finally the last two years our company deals with export kiwifruit in small quantities, as new in the field of the product.

Our company exports 95% of its production. in all countries, especially in the Balkans and in Europe.